We believe that storytelling can act as a prism to filter and understand our surrounding world.

With a view to support the contemporary man (young and adult) to find answers in our confused world, we tell stories.

Stories from mythology, from history, from  folk tales worldwide.

 And we narrate them in a digital, interactive, integrated, inclusive way!

We also  create new stories on demand  to support  a campaign, or a C.S.R strategy.

Our narrations are about immigration, human rights, environment, climate change ethics, moral values or contemporary social issues.

Our books are illustrated.

They are  also audible, full of music, sounds and audio narration.

At the same time they are accessible.

Our books aim to make reading easier and faster for those who have difficulty to do so.

Our books are interactive.

They are integrated.

Their content might be supported across other media like theatre performance animated video ( 2d & 3D), games and oral  storytelling.